Ayurcare Hospital & Research Centre

Welcome to Ayurcare Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre

In Ayurcare.. We entrust our destiny in the time tested authenticity of this age old science of well-being… AYURVEDA!! Even after centuries of adverse social environment in india… this Knowledge of Life.. Ayurveda.. Stands strong. Passing times could only add more to the beauty of this Indian science, making it progressively a cutting edge..

Ayurveda is a way of life which envisages the enhancement of quality of life and rejuvenation of life spirit while curing the diseases. We base all the processes like diagnosis and prescription and preparation and administration of medicine strictly on the classical principles. Adherence to the original, unique and Traditional Indian method of addressing illness proves time and again that old is gold. Here we provide all classical Panchakarma treatment and Kerala special treatment which give mental solace and feeling of wellbeing to people. Ayurvedic massage and special treatment render real relaxation to both mind and body.


Mother Nature… holds the key to the foundation of Ayurveda making it authentic and time-proof.. As long as there is Nature (Prakruthy).. Ayurveda will work!!!


A person is considered swastha (In well-being) , only when his Doshas (Vital humors), Agni (Fire), Dhathus (tissues) and Malas (Wastes) are in a natural balanced state, and when his Soul, Sences and Mind.. are in beautiful Harmony!!!


"swasthasya swasthya rakshanam…
Aathurasya roga prashamanam ithi…"

To protect the health of a healthy individual… and to cure the illness of a patient… We in ayurcare.. are bound to align our mindful efforts… towards protecting the well-being of a person by helping her/him return to and remain in, that harmonious vibration of Nature… i.e., to help a person live a life.. Full of Life!!!