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    THE MINI: After another hot and humid day in Sioux City, with the heat index climbing well above 100 degrees Friday, we're thankful temperatures are expected to cool off this weekend. Let's hope the severe storms that moved into the region Friday night also subside. -- Journal Editorial Board

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      THE MINI: I am shocked to read that State Rep. J.D. Scholten didn't attend the vote on the six-week abortion ban last week. He campaigned for years about making a difference but when we needed him, he was absent. He is a terrible disappointment. -- Morgan Gray, Sioux City

        "During our five days in Sioux City, we did not have a bad experience at any place we visited. Thank you, Sioux City residents, for such a pleasant visit to your area. We will be back."

          Letter to the Editor: From my lawn chair seat a bit east of the intersection of Third & Pierce streets, I was very disappointed with the spectators Wednesday evening for the annual River-Cade Parade. 

          Letter: "At the July 18 Woodbury County Board meeting, an entitled community activist calling herself "the native representative for this city" told the board we need to consult with "communities of color" before voting on an energy resolution."

          "There is no question, abortion is a very controversial subject. I have chatted with anti abortion friends and family, and know there is absolutely and positively no reasoning or negotiating with them, NONE. I have also visited with friends and family who support a woman’s right to choose. They seem to be more reasonable ..."

          THE MINI: Iowa Public Service used to post a notice on the front page of The Sioux City Journal that street lights are for YOUR protection and YOU should call when you see one out. Now it's MidAmerican you should call at 888-427-5632. - R. E. Williams, Sioux City


          THE MINI: I'm writing in regards to the homeless. If you have driven up Nebraska all you see is people sitting in the street. I've seen families walking, little babies in strollers. Why isn't anything being done to help? - Kimi Strassner, Sioux City

          Letter to the Journal: "President Biden’s BIG political lie to buy votes has been shot down – correctly – by the U.S. Supreme Court. Even former President Obama knew the cancellation of $430 billion of student debt was unconstitutional."

          Letter to the Journal: Fourth of July celebrations are no longer the fun exciting thing of the past. Since the city began allowing fireworks in the city limits, it is a horrible, headache-inducing nightmare every year.

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