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    Critics have argued that the Inflation Reduction Act -- which Joe Biden just signed into law -- won't do much to address inflation. That might be true. But there's only so much Biden can do to reduce inflation which is affecting every corner of the Earth right now. The new bill will actually be the most significant investment against climate change our nation has ever made, and that is worth celebrating. 

    Alicia Mohondro lost her home in the wildfire that tore through the western Maui community of Lahaina. She says she received no warnings before she was forced to flee amid heavy smoke and flames and hopes the disaster will lead to a change in the alert system. 'The fire was so fast, it was a…


    LETTER to the Journal: "Do you really think a future Republican Auditor would have to ask permission from those being investigated before proceeding?"

    LETTER to the Journal: I was born and raised in Plymouth County and was saddened by the recent poll that showed a majority of the county's residents support Trump for a second chance at an insurrection.

    MINI: "Is the USS Sioux City really being decommissioned? And here Joni Ernst said she would "make Washington squeal" by cutting waste and graft. I was proud to have donated for the vessel but now feel cheated ..." — Richard Roth, Sioux City

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